Much like a magician does for his or her finale, some patients will pull off a disappearing act when it’s time to pay a bill. But instead of feeling thrilled or impressed, you may feel frustrated, stressed and wondering if it’s even worth finding the person.

Luckily, there’s skip tracing.

Skip tracing is the process of finding better contact information to locate a person’s whereabouts. At Radiologybill, we use skip tracing tools to help locate or update phone numbers, addresses, assets and places of employment.

What are the benefits?

  • Effective:As the debt ages and collection calls go unanswered, your chances of payment get lower and lower. We use the latest technology and data compiled from more than 10,000 independent sources to quickly find people who haven’t paid their invoices. In fact, we guarantee we will find 65 percentof missing patients.
  • Ethical: While finding a patient is important, certain practices could be an invasion of patient privacy. Some collectors might overstep their boundaries, which could cause legal trouble and negatively affect your company’s reputation. Our highly-trained and friendly professionals follow all legal policies and standards and will act on behalf of your business in a professional, courteous manner.
  • Affordable:Larger companies may have in-house collections but the internal costs of purchasing various databases and training your employees can add up quickly. Our missing locator is included in our standard collection service at NO expense and with NO up-front fee. We tailor a collection service to fit your needs and budget.

There a lot of skip-tracing tools and debt collection partners to choose from. When you pair that with the continuing growth of late and missed payments, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Radiologybill’s professional team takes the stress out of it by using cutting-edge technology, tailored solutions and excellent communication to help you locate lost patients, stay informed and improve debt recovery. No magic necessary!

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