Though it may seem difficult to accomplish successfully within the collections industry, at RadiologyBill we’ve uniquely positioned ourselves to help our clients deliver a customer-focused billing experience.

It all starts at the top and it’s been that way since day one. Our third-generation family business has worked hard to offer the personal attention, customer service and integrity of a small company with the results, fast service, customized solutions and cutting-edge technology of a large-scale operation since 1955.

You’ll notice our commitment to a customer-focused experience right away, beginning with no up-front costs on our third-party debt collection services. Just place your accounts with us at no cost and we’ll get right to work collecting on your behalf.

For your customers, that focus continues thanks in large part to efforts that generate consumer engagement.

Each consumer is given access to our full-service online portal for an intuitive and real-time digital experience that appeals to those wanting control of how, when and where they pay their bills. When given convenient options for methods, types and time of payments, consumers take more ownership in their debt repayment. Our platform includes easy mobile payments, delivers notification alerts and answers questions or connects customers with trained experts.

As an extension of your business and billing office, our customizable services and solutions are provided by state-of-the-art technology and well-trained staff.

We realize that your customers — while they may require some extra time and effort to pay — are still your most important asset. Every collection effort we undertake is done with dignity, integrity and respect that keeps the reputation you’ve worked for intact. Our agents are extensively trained in effective negotiation, counseling, regulatory compliance and collection software and bring a courteous, professional approach to your debt collection efforts.

Three ethics we’ve stood behind and values we’ve lived by for years just so happen to shape the implementation of our customer-focused experience at RadiologyBill:

  • Always communicate in a dignified and respectful manner
  • Be honest in all communications with clients and their customers
  • Whenever possible, educate our clients and customers of their rights and responsibilities

If bad debt is preventing you from giving your whole attention to the important aspects of growing your business, keep your focus where it belongs and let us focus on collecting from your customers. Connect with our team today and let’s talk about turning your bad debt in real revenue.

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