As consumers, by now nearly everybody recognizes online and automatic payment options as standard operating procedure across everyday industries. From your favorite streaming service to basic utilities, gym membership or your dog’s toy and treat subscription box, the convenience of not having to manually pay every bill each month has become the norm.

Companies are eager to encourage customers to sign up for automatic billing, and not just because it guarantees a consistent stream of income.

As a full-service accounts receivable management firm with first- and third-party collections programs, our automated processes for billing, payment reminders and more help us save time, money, manhours and headaches for our clients.

Some of the biggest benefits include:


With our automation software on the case, errors due to manual data entry or recording by members of your already-busy team are almost entirely eliminated.

Time saved

Manually processing all of your own invoices can be a time-consuming ordeal. With one simple check, our automated billing systems can verify invoices and payments and eliminates tasks such as manual data entry. With our team and automated systems working for you, your staff can spend its time on more productive and profitable endeavors.

Cutting costs

Our automated processes deliver clients significant savings. In addition to reduced labor cost related to billing, materials like paper, ink and shipping supplies are no longer needed. That’s not just a benefit for the environment, but also your bottom line!

A simplified process for payees

Every customer of yours we collect from is given access to our online portal, where they can view their records and important payment information, establish a payment plan or set notification reminders all automatically with minimal effort. The ease of use is a major contributing factor in our ability to successfully collect on our clients’ behalf.

With an accurate, centralized and automated accounts receivable outfit working hard for you, customer satisfaction is maintained and simplified reporting delivers data and results like a fine-tuned, well-oiled machine.

Interested in discovering even more of the benefits automated billing can bring your business? Reach out to our RadiologyBill experts today and we’ll show you how our automation services can streamline your collections and transform your outstanding debt into real revenue.

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