Debt Buyers vs. Collection Agencies

Debt buyers? Collection agencies? They’re different? But, I thought they were basically the same thing? These are the questions that run through the average person’s mind when discussing debt buyers and collection agencies. Most people don’t know the difference because they simply don’t have much knowledge of the debt collection industry overall. First, all debt […]


Know Your Past-Due Consumers

When managing past-due consumer collection accounts, it‘s important to understand the reason for non-payment. Knowing why a customer cannot or will not pay can help you determine the next most effective action and increase your odds of collecting the past due amount. The first step to stepping on the path of receiving payment is identifying […]


Collecting Your Own Past Due Accounts: What can you do to get these invoices paid?

When it comes to past due accounts, trying to get payments out of customers can be difficult, timely and awkward. Not to mention frustrating, as you’ve already provided services and now you’re waiting for payment. A soft approach is often ideal for maintaining a customer relationship, but what happens when it doesn’t work? You’re left […]