We’ll customize a series of managed omni-channel communications, including recovery letters, messages and calls based on your organization’s unique requirements that will engage your patients more effectively, enhance communication and increase your collections.


Our SMS text messaging service, RADtxt, allows for instant communication to your consumers, sending bill reminders, payment confirmations and important due date alerts. Patients can then respond via standard command codes or connect directly with an account representative through a call-back number.


RADial is our automated outbound calling tool for reaching, communicating with and collecting payments and other information from your patients. RADial can provide custom-tailored and interactive collection calls to your patients, who are offered the choice of automated service or can speak directly with a staff member.

Consumers are also offered a full-service online portal where they can view their current account status, make payments or negotiate a payment plan without human intervention. Our inbound and outbound Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system offers payment options and questionnaire answers via the consumers touchtone phone.

Highly trained agents and innovative, convenient technology all work together to get bills paid quickly and increase customer satisfaction while never charging the consumer a “convenience fee.”