Let’s be honest: No one loves making collection calls. But they are crucial to any revenue management process. That’s why it makes the most sense to be as effective as possible with each call the first time.

Making the most of your collection call.

Step One: Perfect your greeting and voice.
Within seconds of an interaction, impressions have already been made. Most of the time, what you say in these moments isn’t what makes an impact — it’s how you say it that counts. If you speak in a monotone voice, the receiver of your message may begin to lack confidence in what you are saying. Make a good impression with a smile. Even over the phone, the simple act of smiling while you speak will have a noticeable impact on your voice, tone and rhythm.

Step Two: Be stress-free.
For an effective conversation, you’ll want to remain as stress-free as possible. Sitting up straight in your chair and not fidgeting with anything around you will automatically help you unwind. Staying focused and not moving your eyes across the room will keep your mind set on the task at hand. Having this mentality while making a collection call helps you invest in every word said and you’ll be able to communicate in a dignified and respectful manner.

Step Three: Exude confidence.
Being honest in all communications with a customer is the first step to remaining confident. Remaining courteous, professional and effective makes all the difference in how you are being perceived. Confidence isn’t about being bossy and demanding — it’s about being helpful when forming a meaningful relationship and having a calm conversation.

Although these tips can help you become more effective during a collection call, there is no magic wand you can wave to accommodate every situation. All customers are different and what works well with one may not work well with another. Stay flexible and be willing to change the way you approach a call.

There’s no hiding that collection calls can be extensive and time consuming. That’s why partnering with highly trained professionals to help can have major benefits. The professionals at Finance System, Inc. speak to hundreds of consumers everyday with the goal of motivating those who can pay their balance in full while providing an empathetic customer-focused approach. We are extensively trained in effective negotiation, counseling, full-regulatory compliance and collection software. We will recover what you are owed with persistence and proven collection techniques while never putting your reputation at stake. If you want to learn more, contact us here or by phone at (888) 883-PAID.

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